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About Hawk Trailers

Hawk Trailers is a privately owned customer driven company located in Manawa, WI. From the start, our goal has been to manufacture high quality horse trailers at a fair price that exceeds your expectations. We have achieved this by listening closely to you our valued customer and understanding that standard designs are great for manufacturing but customized trailers are what customers really need. We take great pride in that we are able to supply you with the individually designed trailer you require.

Our reputation for being fair and honest comes from working together as a family of friends and building strong long lasting relationships with our dealers is important. We understand that by providing strong manufacturing and dealer support there will be better overall customer service.

Safety and comfort of the horse is our first concern when building our trailers. Hawk uses its greatest asset our employees to provide valuable insight. With many years of experience in owning, training, showing and hauling horses they help in the commitment to continuous product improvement. Our people from sales, engineering and manufacturing are often seen together on the production floor reviewing the trailers being built. Our production staff is committed to doing a better job each and every time.

Our design experience and attention to detail are a cut above the rest. We provide the extras as standard to ensure your most valuable cargo arrives safe, calm and comfortable. Just one look inside and you will see the difference.

We invite you to come and see why Hawk Trailers is your horse’s choice.